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Nanjing universal driving school was founded in 2009, the beautiful environment, complete facilities, subject. Traffic convenience, more article bus can up driving school, Nanjing million has driving school, and Nanjing driving school, and Nanjing learn car, and Nanjing driving school price, and Nanjing learn car price, and Nanjing which driving school good, and Nanjing learn car how many money, and Nanjing learn car which driving school good, and Nanjing driving school phone, and Nanjing learn car registration phone, another has I School of number Department air conditioning Shuttle, daily points more article line in Jiangning University City free shuttle students.
in Nanjing that is driving honesty and service, in line with the people-oriented spirit, do their utmost to facilitate the students learn. Various coach cars more than 100 volumes, and designed a variety of training methods, for all the different needs of the customers choice. Nanjing universal driving school has its own training classroom and simulation test places. Gigantic training ground for students to solve the train waiting in pain.
school coach through a unified theory examination, oral examination and practical examination pass grades coach. "Smile" teaching is consistent teaching purposes. In the course of teaching, "friend" teaching model was realized by students of our teaching commitments--not only can enjoy the service, can learn technology.

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