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Automobile consumption times three DNA

First era-the era of automobile consumption in this period, the rapid development of automobile manufacturing and consumption at an early state. Public is the core characteristics of a car driven by desire, the primary concern is "I'm going to buy a car", followed by "what do I want to buy a car."
II automobile era-the era of mass consumption in this period, car manufacturing into competitive differentiation. Public key characteristics are: the focus of the public's primary concern is "I'm going to buy a like good car." However, in the "favorite car" on the selection and evaluation, has obvious similarity to the standard of the public. In other words, although the mainstream fashion of automobile consumption vary, but each stage often dominated by a mainstream fashion.
third times--times of automobile consumption in this period, the primary focus of attention of the public is still "good I like to buy a car." However, in the "favorite car" on the selection and evaluation of, different people have different values, culture, life style, aesthetic and individual advocates. Auto market can no longer be a mainstream fashion domination, but they have become diverse fashion grow together.
journalist reviews objectively speaking, at present, China's auto consumption in three contemporaneous coexistence in the era of automobile consumption periods. A city car is a step over the threshold of the third era of automobile consumption. Secondary city car to the second era of automobile consumption consumption is growing fast. And third-tier cities and automobile consumption in rural areas are still in the first era of automobile consumption. However, there is no denying that is, the third car is the mainstream of China's auto consumption trends of the times. And this trend is growing at a faster rate into market reality.

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