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Buick auto market into a luxury brand in China

According to the future brand development plan of Shanghai GM, which intends to turn the Buick brand in China as a luxury brand. People in the industry, "China's auto market, nothing is impossible" point of view, think of Buick as a luxury brand or are at risk. But calm and objective analysis, the Chinese car market is no longer current, "anything's possible." Shanghai GM was trying to lay the mid-range brands imprinted in the minds of consumers in China's Buick brand as a luxury brand does not seem easy.
first, China's auto market growth is over after years of breakneck growth, car sales in China's auto market in 2010, more than 18 million vehicles, successful beyond the United States to become the world's largest car market. And with China car market of high-speed growth, domestic consumers for various brand of accept degrees relative high, and this is many both at home and abroad car brand in China car market or success build has new brand, or success save has in overseas market declined of brand, or let this has in overseas market performance excellent of brand "icing on the" of reasons where, is "in China car market no what impossible" of conclusion of origin of at. But after entering 2011, growth in China's auto market slowed markedly. According to growth performance of agencies on the future automotive market research showed that the high-speed growth in China's auto market has ended, can grow faster over the next 5 years, and growth will slow further. In the case of such a high growth no longer transformed into luxury brands of Buick's success, will play the first question mark.
Second, China's auto market has become increasingly mature.
size of China's car market in annual sales increases, but less and less concentration in each market segment, previously a hot-selling product in their respective market segments account for a large share of the times are gone, and some very good products in foreign countries in China's auto market is also not ideal. And the reason for this situation, is that China's auto market has become more sophisticated, more diversified consumer demand in China, an unprecedented understanding of brands and products. And it is this consumer demand for more diversified, for an unprecedented understanding of brands and products, heralded the transition of the Buick brand to luxury brands. Buick's success in China's auto market in recent years, just caught that part of the mid-range consumer fashion preference modeling, and Buick's success is also on its fashion represent the mid-range brand recognition, this distinctive image of the Buick brand in the minds of consumers, or perhaps the biggest obstacle to hinder their transition to a luxury.
third, China's luxury consumers are very brand conscious.
If you eyes breakthrough in China's auto market, and look to the entire China market. If from automobiles, furniture, watches, fashion accessories, food and beverage industry analysis, we can conclude that in China, the luxury brands to be successful in any industry, only two paths. First, the brand itself is famous, well known luxury brands in the world and second, the brand has never appeared in China before, after the late package successfully create the luxury brand in China. Based on these two paths the Buick brand, first of all, the Buick brand is a mid-range brand positioning is already well known in the world and second, Buick brands to enter the Chinese automobile market is with a mid-range brand positioning to enter. Therefore, to realize the luxury of Buick brand cars in China market transformation is really difficult.
assumed, at present China's auto market is still growing, if present for cars or brands still do not know much about China, if the Buick brand to enter China on high-end brand image, Buick may be able to become a luxury brand in the Chinese market.

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