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Clever use of the family car of maintenance supplies cheap absolute ease

Now many families have their own private cars, a lot of bikers in the process of using a car, might appear small problems if auto repair shops to repair hundreds of thousands of Yuan, however the problem may be that he can solve, here we describe several common commodity of vehicle maintenance tips.
, SOAP with tiny transparent SOAP, cleaning leather seats, decontamination is not only good, but after drying the leather soft and shiny.
is done with a clean soft towel and warm water to soak, SOAP appropriate amount on the towel, and then gently wipe the seat.
ventilation dry wipe SOAP, cleaning after the wet wash cloth twice with a SOAP. This method of decontamination, leather clean and fluffy, fresh as new. This law also applies when the door trim and instrument panel plastic parts. The reason for this is a SOAP strong decontamination, and stimulate the skin, more practical for real leather.
two bright paint, toothpaste, inadvertently emerged way scratches, tooth grinding method to remove minor scratches, works well.
method is to rinse it scratches, and then take a clean cloth or towel, dip repeatedly at the scratch gently rub the toothpaste, after treating the scratches disappear or decrease with a wet towel to dry.
logic is simple, itself is a kind of abrasive cleaning teeth toothpaste, not to hurt the paint more won't hurt.
three, wind wind can melt pressure-sensitive active substances. Car sticker on the windshield of a variety of permits are extremely difficult to remove. Self-adhesive stickers coloured patterns on the back, for a moment back to dry cloth to rub off, leaving no trace.
If there is no essential balm, toothpaste alternative available, only slightly less.
four dip, talcum powder dissolve the door seals open car door seals after the rain wet adhesion of paint, doors not suitable with "Squeak" sound. Available on TALC coated rubber joints in the door, the symptoms disappear. This law also applies to home refrigerator, freezer door seal noise.

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