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Old cars out of the new deal, many people did not understand reporters parsing

Old vehicle elimination policy are considered to be the only good news to boost Beijing auto market in the second half, but in the first month of implementation is ineffective. Third party platform as the old motor out updates subsidy Beijing environment Exchange says Wang Huijun, head, consumer policy chibutou, so that the original can get discounts "discounts".
reporters after many interviews, comprehensive resolution Beijing, old vehicle elimination policy for you.
loop subsidies before reporters arrived at the deshengmenwai, China's forestry property rights Exchange interview 8:30 A.M. a door and ushered the two come out old car owners of the procedures. Liu, Dong Feng yueda KIA 2002 (microblogging) flat glass, age 9 years, you can get the Government out of benefits is 4000. The cars have been sold through friends to Shandong, completed on August 17 vehicles after the file transfer procedure on August 25 in Beijing, old vehicle elimination system update management service booking request, within three working days by the audit. Mr LAU said, the whole process is very convenient, is handling fewer outlets, so early in the morning from Pinggu ran fairly close to the de Lin networks. In addition, Mr Liu said that due to their favorite public vehicle type is not in the list of trading platforms, for the next new car purchases are still hesitant. Another Lee is one of the units to handle buses, Santana 2000, age 11, you can get Government out of benefits is also a 4000 Yuan. Mr Li said, although Audi has no list of the trading platform, but the unit has updated targets to buy an Audi car, as public.
subsidy model monthly update "in fact situations like this, consumers can be more patient." Wang Huijun, said as of now, has 28 per cent of 1299 models directory of the trading platform, nearly 10 months after the companies joined in. So owners need not worry applications, along with new cars are added, just before the end of the hand.
corporate subsidies have the know-how to enter "gold and nine silver ten" auto market bustling, consumers are buying don't be blinded by numerous concessions. Remember out updated enterprise award is a separate enterprise award, independent of other offers.
relative to the auto industry's cautious wait-and-see, dealers have more complex. On one hand, pinning their hopes on policies to increase the passenger traffic; the other hand, because Enterprise Awards are generally funded by advances from the dealer, increases the operating costs of dealers, so in practice tend to play up the policy of "calculation". Found in in an interview with reporters, entering the 4S shops, general sales consultant first asked: "buy a new car or a replacement? "The lines, various different sales policy. Recommended taxi owners to purchase the last link to show your reward voucher to avoid distributor abacus owners deserve preferential policies, "dear." For example, the loss of concessions, or persuading consumers to accept half cash and half boutique coupon discount and so on and secretly benefits consumers "discount". If you cannot solve their own problems in the actual process, Beijing's old motor out update service complaints, as companies award is mandatory, and pre-paid deposit in the trading platform to protect it.
processing outlets increased to 8 to increase the points, increasing from 4 to 8, covers the city and the four rings, rings around. New Beijing used motor trade market, Beijing Oriental used motor trade market, Beijing Beichen, Beijing Asian Games Village automobile exchange market in the auto market. Wang Huijun, along with added 4 points of handling business for half a month, old car out the update gradually entered smooth implementation phase of the programme, backstage at the front desk to achieve optimized efficiency. Currently handling the largest flow of people or just a South-Central, about handle 300 passengers a day and the new handle about 70 to 80 passengers. Consumers can choose the nearest handle points.
it is reported that on September 24, and the update, will combine the old car out of activities of the programme carried out a month-long promotion. By then, the consumer can be used to buy a new one, very convenient indeed.
allowance and age are linked to the implementation of the Beijing Plan of action for clean air (air pollution control measures of 2011-2015) on the study on establishment of long-term mechanism of old vehicles out updates, eliminated the old 400,000 motor vehicle requirements before the end of 2015, further promote the city's old vehicles out updates and improve air quality in the capital, programmes are formulated. The old vehicles out in Beijing updated programme provides this year within the period from August 1 to December 31, 2012 policy, go out and scrap older vehicles owners can benefit from government subsidies, update vehicle can get rewards, transfer vehicles which regularly participated in vehicle inspection results and qualified.
coverage: refers to the use of motor vehicles 6 years old and above and the fourth stage did not meet existing national emission standards for passenger cars, trucks and special vehicles (excluding yellow tagged car).
old car applications for subsidies as of September 13, apply for older vehicles the Government eliminated subsidies 13,163, approved 11,347. Have granted government subsidies in approved vehicles 7,381 vehicles, 3,966 owners are in the process of buying a new car or apply for application for reward voucher 1020, 656 Enterprise award voucher.
"substantial growth in applications compared with August, September, August 1 to 11th, a total of 1473 applications, September 1-11th total 4609 times apply. "Beijing Municipal Bureau of motor vehicles Office said Lian Aiping, the current average daily volume grow by 1.5 times.
in addition to the number of applicants, advisory number also increased significantly. It is reported that the transaction processing platform is a network query, on call, visit the Advisory 766818. Have entered the transaction processing platform for the automobile manufacturer, 28 total 1339 reward models. Over another more than 20 enterprises internal audit process is being developed, will be entering the platform, will publish award model will be covering the market mainstream models.
Lian Aiping, old car out updated policies have begun, you will use the radio, television, newspapers, Internet and other media to carry out policies, new and used car markets, gas stations, motor vehicle inspection field advocacy, distribution of brochures and handling guidelines. Car Conference, focused discussions and interviews, further mobilizing greater involvement of the business, expanding the range of incentive models and supervising the corporate dealer reward commitment seriously.

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